Yatri is the first Nepali manufacturer to introduce electric motorcycles in the Nepali market. The company has introduced two electric motorcycles which are Project Zero and Project One.

The price, review, and specification of the Yatri motorcycles model are presented in the article below.

Yatri Motorcycles Model in NepalYatri Motorcycles Price in Nepal
Yatri Project Zero (P-0)Rs.19,49,000
Yatri Project One (P-1)Rs.4,95,000

Project Zero

The Project Zero is the Yatri’s first production launched in 2019 that replicates cutting-edge powertrain design, class-leading vehicle software, and in-house development prowess. The P-0 motorcycle is designed with a philosophy of Elegance in Motion.

The Project Zero motorcycle inherits the feature of a cafe racer and is upgraded with clean and modern design lines. The company says, “Through this elegant design, we aim to reach not only the environmentalists but ultimately those who care about owning an inspiring product.”

The P-0 motorcycle is powered by a battery pack that contains Lithium-Nickel-Manganese chemistry pouch cells holding 8 kWh of energy. This powerful battery pack offers a generous 230 km off the true range as claimed by the company. Besides, the motorcycle is designed with state-of-the-art protection circuitry and algorithms to enhance battery health, efficiency, and overall performance.

The bike is equipped with a 48 kW (64hp) electric motor that generates 650 Nm of instant torque at the wheel with 97% efficiency. Besides, it is maintenance-free for life and gains 0-60 km/h in under 2.5 seconds.

Talking about the dashboard, Project Zero is equipped with market-leading vehicle software that offers valuable data to make sure the riders are always connected to what truly matters. The beautiful 7-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) dashboard features numerous sensor data, keyless start, OTA updates, in-built 4G connectivity, and navigation.

The taillight of Project Zero is unique in the way that it not only communicates with riders’ intentions on road but also provides important features like charging status and auto-off indicators.

Yatri Motorcycles Project Zero (Technical Specifications)

PEAK POWER48 kW (64 hp)
TORQUE120 Nm at shaft (650 Nm at wheel)
ACCELERATION0-60 km/h in under 2.5s
TOP SPEED140 km/h
RANGE230 km
CHARGER3.3 kW onboard (2 hr full charge)
CHASSISChromoly Steel Trellis Frame
FRONT SUSPENSION43 mm RCP adjustable USD forks
REAR SUSPENSIONRC adjustible nitrogen-charged monoshock
FRONT BRAKEBrembo 2-piston 320mm disc
REAR BRAKEBrembo 1-piston 240mm disc
BRAKING SYSTEMWarner Borg E-braking
TIRE TYPEMetzeler Sportec M7RR
FRONT TIRE110/70-17
REAR TIRE150/60-17
WHEELSAluminum rims and CNC machined hubs
WEIGHT190 kg
RAKE ANGLE24.5 deg
INTERNETOn-board 4G network
MOBILE APPAndroid and iOS
Antitheft with on-board GPS
On-demand servicing appointment
Road Side Assistance

Yatri Motorcycles Price in Nepal

Yatri Motorcycles Model Yatri Motorcycles Price in Nepal
Yatri Project Zero (P-O)Rs.19,49,000

Project One

Project One is Yatri Motorcycle’s second production that possesses a power-to-weight ratio comparable to 250cc motorbikes. This motorcycle is built for commuting every day on the roads of Nepal with a plush suspension, and upright ergonomics. The appearance looks elegant with futuristic design and modern technological vibes.

The P-1 motorcycle is powered by a 3.0kWh Lithium-ion battery pack that offers a maximum range of 110 km. The bike is equipped with an electric motor that generates maximum power of 14kW, and a maximum torque of 480 Nm at the wheel.

As per the claim by Yatri Motorcycles, Project One will run for 120,000 km before the battery capacity falls down to 80% of its original capacity. The Lithium Manganese Oxide Chemistry used in the batteries of P-1 allows riders to ride for their lifetime.

With the assumption of 10,000km/year of commuting, the battery of the P-1 motorcycle will last 12 years (120,000km/10,000km). This is not the end because riders will still get 80% of the original range at the end of 12 years. In addition, the company offers 5years of warranty on the battery.

The battery takes almost 6 hours for a full charge with 0.5 kW normal home charging and takes only 1 hour with 3 kW fast charging. The P-1 motorcycle can achieve a top speed of 100 kmph.


Yatri Motorcycle Project One (Technical Specification)

PEAK POWER14 kW (19 hp)
TORQUE480 Nm at the wheel
TOP SPEED100 kph
HOME CHARGE0.5 kW (< 6 hr full charge)
FAST CHARGE3 kW (1 hr full charge)
WEIGHT110 kg
FRONT TIRE110/70-17
REAR TIRE120/80-17

Yatri Motorcycle Project One price in Nepal

Yatri Motorcycles Model in NepalYatri Motorcycles Price in Nepal
Yatri Project One (P-1)Rs.4,95,000

Availability of Yatri Motorcycles in Nepal

Yatri Motorcycles has introduced two models (Project Zero and Project One) in the Nepali automobile market. The price of Project Zero is Rs. 19,49,000 whereas the price for Project One is Rs.4,95,000.

The company invited various guests, media personnel, celebrities, and other people to test their products. Everyone showed their positive response and also offered suggestions and feedback for improvement.

Currently, the bikes are in the production phase so, customers need to make reservations or book to acquire Project Zero and Project One. They can book the bikes from the official website of Yatri Motorcycles with an advance fee of Rs.10,000.

About Yatri Motorcycles

Yatri was founded in 2017 to prove world-class electric vehicles can be engineered and manufactured in Nepal.

The company began with Project Zero which became their first iteration to reinvent urban mobility. Project Zero was launched in 2019

Yatri says their vision is to create an entire sustainable ecosystem of products and services. The company manufactures charging wall modules, fast chargers, and seamless service architecture. Besides, they have plans and strategies to rapidly scale vehicles from summer 2021 and grow a strong network of Yatri fast chargers across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Yatri motorcycle in Nepal?

Yatri Motorcycles has launched two models (Project Zero and Project One). The Project Zero is priced at Rs.19,49,000 whereas the Project One costs Rs.4,95,000.

Which bike is made in Nepal?

Project Zero and Project One bike by Yatri Motorcycles company is manufactured in Nepal.

Why Yatri Motorcyles are so expensive?

As per the company, they have manufactured their bikes with optimum quality and the battery used are highly reliable. Besides, the electric motorcycles developed by the company will save more money in the long term in comparison to the petrol bikes.

Are Yatri Motorcycles available for purchase?

Currently, only reservation or booking is available for the Yatri Motorcycles Project Zero and Project One. Customers need to book through the official website of Yatri Motorcycles by filling the reservation form and paying an advance amount of Rs.10,000


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