electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV 2024, new generation battery powered G-WAGON

Mercedes-Benz the luxury automotive brand is making its evolution towards a zero-emissions, sustainable and digital future which clearly shows how electrification is earning further momentum across all brands. Mercedes-Benz presented more electric models in the world premiere by the reveal of the EQA, EQB, EQS, and concept EQG 2022 truly electrifying. EQ design and convenient charging solutions are inspired by bionics and thus imply the intimate connection between nature and technology.

With the strategic step from ‘Electric sooner’ to ‘Electric solely’, including sustainable production and the CO₂-neutral life cycle of batteries, accelerating the transformation to a zero-emission and software-driven future the brand is consistently inspiring customers to switch to electric mobility with convincing products. The high-quality design delivers an appealing difference from the simple layouts that divide the brands and provide a frame for the widespread space.

Mercedes-Benz’s G-class model successfully built a reputation as a luxury off-roader vehicle for more than four decades. Mercedes has only shown the Concept EQG, which retains the classic boxy styling of the G-class, and EQG will continue to be an incredibly capable all-terrain vehicle. The electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV is one of the most anticipated vehicles since the electric G-Class concept that debuted at the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021).

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept 2024

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV design

The Concept EQG is likewise a lot similar in the design of the model series and can be perceived from the G-Class. The near-production takes on the G-Class’ dashing outline including its notable components, and enlightened stripes that make the strong outside defensive strips stand apart outwardly. The isolating edge of the appealing two-tone paint gets done with gloss dark black on top and a sparkle aluminum pillar on the base runs in the space of the front end straightforwardly, subsequently stressing this plan highlight significantly more plainly.

The concept Mercedes-Benz EQG all-electric front view with typical round headlights, this variant features a continuous deep black radiator grille where the illuminated star with 3D effect sets a unique accent. Mercedes-EQ models create a visual link, an all-around illuminated band wraps the Black Panel, alongside the white illuminated circles in the external mirror housings, complementing the daytime running light graphic of the headlights.

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept 2024

The Concept EQG has 22-inch polished aluminum alloy wheels in an exclusive design. In the spare wheel cover, there is a lockable box with white illuminated accents on the rear door that can be used to store the charging cable. The prominent element of its minimalist setup is the exterior design with the flat roof rack top view in high-gloss black. The white LED strip integrated into the front edge of the roof rack is a stylish interpretation of the searchlight essential for off-road adventures providing better visibility at night time.

“We’re traveling into the future with the new EQG! This car epitomizes the fusion of state-of-the-art off-road capabilities with the dawn of electric mobility that we all need to strive for. It stands for our relentless pursuit of the utmost desire and luxury. For us, the most important thing was to keep the full G-Class DNA but beam it into the EQ age: Like the G-Class but different. Modern accents like the white LED technology and a wall box on the rear of the vehicle illustrating the difference.”

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler Group.
Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV interior

The EQG concept of evolutionary interior design implies the significant changes built on the original nature of the car. Within the futuristic body is a modern advanced cockpit, with technologies from dual 12.3-inch displays, intuitive steering-wheel Touch Controls, voice control for navigation, and a multizone LED ambient lighting system to choose among 64 colour features. The cabin’s hand-fitted leather seats provide generous space for occupants, 3-zone climate control, and numerous comfort features. The overall layout inside the vehicle looks rich and clean, a more peaceful space due to the light color, and the electric powertrain makes a quiet relaxed cabin experience.

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept 2024

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Range

California-based Sila Nanotechnologies and Mercedes-Benz announced that the battery of the all-electric G-Class will use Sila’s silicon anode chemistry. The developed new advanced silicon anode materials will be manufactured using 100% clean energy at Sila’s Washington state facility and Mercedes-Benz is the factory. Moreover, the companies are targeting the mid-decade timeline to introduce the new battery technology on the Mercedes-Benz EQG. The vehicle shape, and a latest battery technology with enhanced energy density will make achieve a decent range despite the heavyweight.

The EQG in its concept will have four electric motors, one for each wheel, and a two-speed gearbox may use a 107.8 kWh battery pack. The high-silicon anode material increases energy density without compromising safety and performance to maintain the distance the off-road icon can drive on one charge. The EQG concept estimated driving range will be around 300 miles or more depending upon the battery capacity and performance of AMG models.

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept

Is a new G wagon coming out?

At the world premiere of the existing model generation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Detroit in January 2018, the upcoming electrification of all model series also includes the G-Class. Mercedes-Benz is making good on this promise and presenting the Concept EQG, within three and a half years later a near-production study of an all-electric model variant of its utilitarian off-road icon. The Concept EQG thus offers a promising preview of what a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with battery-electric drive will be capable of. On March 18, 2022, Ola Källenius, CEO, of Mercedes-Benz Group, said that the EQG would go on sale in 2024.

The Concept EQG combines its iconic origin and uncompromising off-road capabilities with futuristic elements of the Mercedes-Benz EQ world. The outer design impression of the Mercedes-Benz off-road legend has changed only marginally over the whole period. The purely functional components have long since become iconic style elements. These include, for example, the distinctive door handle and characteristic closing sound, the robust exterior protective strip, the exposed spare wheel on the rear door, and the eye-catching front turn indicators.

“In its more than 40-year model history, the G-Class has always used the most modern and suitable drive technology at the time from the pre-chamber naturally aspirated diesel of the early days to the AMG 4.0-liter V8 in the current top model, the G 63. Against the background of our ‘Electric only’ strategy, the electrification of this off-road legend is simply the logical next step and an absolutely fascinating project. Our icon is and remains ‘stronger than time’ in every respect, we are proud of the more than 400,000 ‘G’s we have produced to date.”

Dr. Emmerich Schiller, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz
Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Off-roading capability

The Concept Mercedes-Benz EQG body structure is based on a strong ladder frame, making it a tough off-roader electric vehicle. The chassis design with independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid axle at the rear was newly developed for the integration of the electric drive. With four electric motors close to the wheels and individually controllable, the vehicle will offer unique features and comfort in any driving condition.

The fully electrically powered version of the Mercedes-Benz EQG concept model will face the legendary test track on the 1445-meter high Schöckl mountain in Graz at the end of its development. With inclines of up to 60 degrees, the 5.6-kilometer route has always been regarded in the international off-road scene as one of the world’s greatest challenges for man and technology. After successfully conquering it, the electric “G” will also be able to adorn itself with the “Schöckl proved” quality certificate that is obligatory for the 463 series.

Mercedes-Benz EQG Electric SUV (Official Youtube Video)

Another milestone on the off-track to series production is the impressive maneuver we call ‘G-turn.’ It encompasses four electric motors, one at each wheel, plus a brand-new independent front suspension, (and) a rigid rear axle developed specifically for electric vehicles.

Markus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer of Mercedes-Benz

With the multi-link portal axles, the one-off EQC 4×4 Squared concept model offers more ground clearance of 293 mm. The bearing angle increases by 31.8 degrees, departure angle by 33.0 degrees, and break over angle by 24.2 degrees respectively. With the increased fording depth of 400 mm, the car can pass through without taking on water. Increased track width and chunky 285/50 R20 Cooper Zeon tires are also among the various modifications. The production EQG’s most significant off-road maneuver will be able to make a 360-degree turn on its own axis.

The design advantages of the electric drive are ideally suited for off-road vehicles and ambitious off-road operations. The batteries integrated into the ladder frame ensure a low center of gravity. The electric motors provide maximum torque basically with the first revolution, an all-electric concept EQG model boasts huge pulling power and controllability which also demonstrates to be a benefit on steep slopes and deep terrain.

Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG SUV Concept 2024

How much will Mercedes EQG cost?

The Mercedes-Benz EQG will be an all-new model for the EQ lineup of the brand when it launches. We expect it to arrive for the 2023 model year, meaning it could go on sale in 2024. Although it will probably share a similar suspension and chassis with the current available G-class, the batteries and electric motors will be new to the EQG. The estimated price of the 2024 Mercedes EQG will be around $150,000 MSRP.

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