Mercedes-Benz is continuing the production of awesome vehicles with newer technology and engineering. The company has revealed some iconic future concept cars that would define what all-electric future vehicles would look like.

Recently, we have seen the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, a concept car inspired by Avatar. Likewise, the company has teased the Vision AMG and EQG concept cars. 

We have already published articles on Vision AVTR and EQG so, this blog will be on the Mercedes Vision AMG which is among the all-electric concept cars from Mercedes-AMG Line.

Before getting to our main topic, let us explore some basics of the Mercedes-AMG Line.

What is the Mercedes AMG Line?

Mercedes-Benz has specified lineups for the different cars such as A-Class, C-Class, S-Class, EQ, AMG and so on. There are various models under these lineups.

AMG is one of the lineups under the performance division or trim of Mercedes-Benz. AMG Line models are tuned in a unique way for offering extra power. Talking about the design, they are featured with stylish and sporty looks.

What does Mercedes AMG stand for?

Mercedes–AMG stands for Mercedes-Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. The first two words (Aufrecht and Melcher) are named after Mercedes Founders Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. Großaspach is the name of a city in Germany where Aufrecht was born.

Mercedes Vision AMG Concept [Future of all-electric Mercedes-AMG Line]

The Mercedes-Benz media group published a press release on 19th May 2022 in which a short glimpse of Vision AMG is presented with photos, videos and official documents.

Mercedes Vision AMG Revealed

Efficient Performance

High-Voltage Battery

The interplay of Beauty and the Extraordinary

Lightweight Axial Flux Motors

A glimpse of an electric Supercar

Vision AMG is the all-electric concept car revealed by Mercedes-Benz that offers a glimpse of what the future all-electric Mercedes-AMG lineup would look like. This concept car looks futuristic from all angles and the major attractions include a star-shaped headlamp signature, a distinctive rear spoiler, a long wheelbase, powerful shoulders and large wheels.

As declared by the company, Vision AMG is an extraordinary show car that depicts the powerful driving performance of all-electric future AMGs. The Vision AMG is based on the dedicated AMG.EA platform (AMG’s own electric platform) which is currently in the development phase.

AMG.EA is based in Affalterbach, Germany and specializes in all-electric performance models.

“AMG is reinventing itself. As was once the case with our founding fathers, there has been an amazing feeling of new beginnings here in Affalterbach for quite some time now. The course has been well and truly set for an electrified future, and we’ve set the bar high. That’s because our customers expect something very special from all-electric cars. 

Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH

Mercedes-Benz development team at AMG work relentlessly to offer an extra shot of emotion, driving experience, aerodynamic features, smooth handling and various other innovative technologies. That’s why the concept of Vision AMG is packed with spectacular style, breath-taking exterior design, powerful electric performance, revolutionary drive technology and much more.

With this basic concept of Mercedes Vision AMG, let’s explore the exterior, interior and overall features.

Mercedes Vision AMG Exterior

Mercedes Vision AMG Exterior

As we discussed above, the key exterior features of the Vision AMG are a distinctive rear spoiler, a star-shaped headlamp signature, powerful shoulders, a long wheelbase emphasized by short overhangs and large wheels.

The Vision AMG resembles the brand’s dual polarity with the interplay of beauty and the extraordinary. The basics of exterior design build on the Vision EQXX with modern surfacing and radical proportions. The overall design offers a glimpse of an electric supercar.

The exterior of the concept car is equipped with monolithic sculpture meaning the surfaces are beautifully created and flowing. Furthermore, the joints and shut lines are minimally used. Alubeam silver is used as the paint for Vision AMG and the rear and side windows are painted with the same colour.

“The Vision AMG is an impressive embodiment of the brand’s dual polarity – the interplay of beauty and the extraordinary. At the same time, elements from the future, such as the light signatures with the illuminated high-tech grille, underscore the progressive evolution of our design language of Sensual Purity.”

Gordon Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Vision AMG purely resembles the design language of Sensual Purity backed by the optimised aerodynamics, long wheelbase, sharply raked A-pillar positioned far forward and muscular rear shoulders. The aerodynamic performance is enhanced by the active spoiler with a sharply angled tear-off edge at the rear section.  

The lighting system in the exterior section adds futuristic looks to the Vision AMG. A three-dimensional (3D) Mercedes Star is located in the front section that is lightened by three LED stylised elements. Two headlamps can be seen above the grille offering a visually connecting appearance via the horizontal band of light. A welcome signature, constant lighting and a variety of animations can be displayed by this light band.

Mercedes Vision AMG [Official YouTube Video]

Mercedes Vision AMG Official Video

Mercedes Vision AMG Interior

The press release published by the Mercedes-Benz Media department especially focuses on the performance and design aesthetics of the future Vision AMG all-electric car. 

The interior design and features are not disclosed yet however, it is expected the Vision AMG will be equipped with enhanced interior features inherited from the Vision EQXX. But, this is just a speculation from auto enthusiasts and critics. We have to wait for the official information from Mercedes-Benz.

The interior will offer a four seating capacity with plenty of space and ultra-premium looks. The interior floor will be decorated with an intelligent design. It is also expected the Vision AMG could be equipped with Vision EQXX’s 47.5-inch touchscreen but it is subject to a decision from the AMG development team.

Mercedes Vision AMG Performance

The major talking point of the Vision AMG all-electric car is its performance because the AMG models are specially designed for offering next-level performance. 

Mercedes Vision AMG Performance

Vision AMG will be the product of AMG.EA platform and the drivetrain components will be developed entirely from scratch. A dedicated High-Performance and High-Voltage Battery will power the Vision AMG along with new and revolutionary drive technology.

An innovative lightweight Axial Flux Motor developed by YASA (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz) will act as a powerful heart of Vision AMG. Mercedes has promised the use of compact and lightweight motors will result in more power compared to conventional electric motors.

The aerodynamic design, sporty high-tech seamless design, breath-taking proportions and powerful battery pack will boost the performance level of the Vision AMG.

Mercedes Vision AMG Release Date

Though Mercedes-Benz revealed the future concept of Vision AMG, we have limited official information available at the present. The release or launch date is not disclosed yet officially however, it is expected the new electric four-door coupe saloon will potentially launch in 2025.

Mercedes Vision AMG Price

Mercedes Vision AMG is currently in the development phase due to which the pricing and availability are subject to future updates from the company. The price of Mercedes Vision EQXX is expected to start from US$140,000 so, we can expect the starting price of Vision AMG slightly higher than that of EQXX.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the top vehicle manufacturers across the globe. Since its establishment, the company is producing world-class vehicles equipped with innovative ideas and technologies.

Mercedes revealed some cool future electric EVs recently that include Vision EQXX, EQG, Vision AVTR and Vision AMG. All these future EVs offer a glimpse of what future power-packed electric vehicles would look like.

In this blog, we explored the Mercedes Vision AMG which is declared an electric Supercar by the company. At the time of writing this article, we do not have much information about this future EV. As soon as Mercedes comes with future updates, we will update on our blog too.


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