Koenigsegg recently conducted a World Premiere in which the all-new Koenigsegg CC850 car was unveiled to celebrate the 20 years of Koenigsegg Production history. Founder and CEO of the Swedish high-performance automobile manufacturer Mr Christian Erland Harald von Koenigsegg presented the newest CC850 production car in a live event.

The new CC850 car is the follow-up version of the Koenigsegg CC8S model which was the first ever production car manufactured by Koenigsegg and delivered in 2002 (20 years ago). The CC8S car achieved a Guinness World Record for the World’s most powerful production car.

After CC8S, Koenigsegg produced amazing cars including the CCR, CCX, CCXR, One 1, Regera, Jesko and Gemera. And now, the company has unveiled the modern and powerful latest model known as the Koenigsegg CC850 to celebrate its 20 years of glory.

The reason behind naming the Koenigsegg CC850

Koenigsegg’s first car was named CC8S and the new model is CC850. You can see the difference in the name which is the inclusion of the number 50. The reason behind naming CC850 or including the number 50 to the newest Koenigsegg model was disclosed by Founder Christian von Koenigsegg in the live World Premiere event. The reasons are listed below.

  • The CC850 is the follow-up model of the CC8S and inherits the DNA from the first-ever production car manufactured by Koenigsegg. So, the name is continued with CC8.
  • Koenigsegg will manufacture a total of 50 pieces of the CC850 car due to which the number 50 has been included in the name.
  • Christian von Koenigsegg is also celebrating his 50th birthday this year which is also one of the interesting reasons behind naming the CC850.

What is special about Koenigsegg CC850?

Koenigsegg CC850 model is the enhanced version of the CC8S and is produced with new features, technological advancements, advanced transmissions, exterior and interior aesthetics and much more. 

Major highlights of the all-new CC850

  • Equipped with Koenigsegg Dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors
  • Detachable and Stowable Hard Top in the front section
  • Robotized Car Body with Auto SKin
  • Different Ride Height for Chassis depending on conditions
  • Different Stiffnesses of the Suspension
  • Active Arrow underneath the car
  • Active Rake and Ride Height
  • Fully Foldable Active Rear Wing mounted in the top
  • 9-Speed manual and automatic transmission

With this basic introduction, let’s explore more on CC850 including power, interior, exterior, transmission technology, technical specifications and so on.


Koenigsegg CC850 Power and Performance

The newest CC850 is powered by a 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that delivers a maximum power of 1185hp on the petrol engine and a maximum power of 1358hp on E85 fuel (Ethanol-Gasoline mixture). This power statistic is less compared to Jesko Absolute and Jesko Attack and the reason is to offer virtually absolute zero turbo lag on the CC850.

If you are driving a manual car and holding the steering wheel with one hand and the gear shift with the other, you might need to avoid turbo lag.

However, the power offered by the CC850 is double compared to the CC8S, Koenigsegg’s first-ever production car.

Petrol and E85 Fuel on Koenigsegg CC850

With the increasing environmental issues, vehicle manufacturing companies are trying consistently to produce environment-friendly vehicles. Koenigsegg is also focused on manufacturing eco-friendly cars and the CC850 is an example.

The all-new Koenigsegg CC850 can be run on Gasoline and E85 biofuel. The use of biofuel boosts the overall performance of the CC850 while being environmentally friendly. Various new sustainable fuels such as solar and synthetic fuels can be mixed in together with gasoline or E85 fuel.

Christian von Koenigsegg says:

We care very much about the environment but it’s also exciting to keep the animal alive with the combustion engine in this low volume. The car is lighter and not driven so much and we don’t have to take so much raw material out of the ground. We actually know this is as environmentally friendly as an electric car especially if you don’t drive as much as a normal car and you can also drive on biofuel.

Koenigsegg CC850 Interior

Koenigsegg CC850 interior is designed from previous Koenigsegg models. The seat quality, interior aesthetics and materials used are similar to the previous models. The major difference you can find is the amazing gearbox transmission system, instrument cluster and steering wheel.

The interior offers old-school sports car looks with an analogue Chrono cluster 2 instrument panel. It is beautifully designed and completely hand-made. The instrument panel looks like a Swiss watch with a combination of various machine parts.

The interior of the Koenigsegg CC850 is specially made up of carbon fibre. One of the cool features of the interior is the transparent gear shifting mechanism which you can see through the gated shifter grid. All mechanical processings during the gear shifting process can be clearly seen.

Koenigsegg CC850 Exterior

CC850 is the follow-up or enhanced version of the CC8S model due to which it doesn’t offer significant visual changes. Christian von Koenigsegg said the CC8S still looks modern today so, the new enhanced CC850 doesn’t feature extensive exterior designs.

The original CC8S doesn’t feature a foldable rear wing but the new CC850 is equipped with a fully foldable active rear wing integrated on the top for enhanced aerodynamics. CC850 is also equipped with Koenigsegg Dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors. The body of the car is completely robotized with ‘Autoskin’.

Koenigsegg CC850 Transmission Technology

Koenigsegg CC850 is featured with a 9-speed gearbox that includes a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission. The transmission technology is abbreviated ‘TWMPAFMPC’ which stands for ‘The World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Manual Production Car.’

Christian von Koenigsegg in the live event highlighted the difficulty to produce manual cars in today’s scenario due to the newest production quality requirements including emission standards, safety practices and so on. He also said that the company found a way to satisfy its customers who really yearn for the analogue feel.

Koenigsegg’s technical team came up with the latest technology to manualize light-speed transmission (LST). With that, the clutch movement from the foot directly actuates the hydraulics system which works exactly like a manual car. In addition, the shifter mechanism attached to the clutch pedal is directly connected to the transmission. The whole system is fully synchronised to offer a seamless transmission process.

The transmission feels completely like a normal manual car and you can feel the force feedback from the transmission in your foot and your shifter. This is a completely unique experience for Koenigsegg lovers. Talking about the automatic transmission, you can experience a super smooth shifting.

Besides, the CC850 offers different gear ratios for a track setting and different for a road setting which makes it the world’s first production car to offer such a feature. 

Koenigsegg CC850 Specs (Technical Specifications)

Curb Weight1385 kg
Engine5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine
Maximum Power1185hp (Petrol)1385hp (E85 fuel)
Maximum Torque1358NM at 4,800 RPM
Transmission9-Speed Transmission:6-speed Manual/Automatic Transmission available
FuelPetrol or E85 (Ethanol-Gasoline Mixture)
Instrument PanelAnalogue Chrono Cluster 2


Koenigsegg has finally unveiled the new CC850 to celebrate the 20 years of glory of the company’s production history and also to celebrate the 50th birthday of Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder.

The major attractions of the CC850 are the advanced transmission technology, luxurious interior, powerful engine, gasoline and E85 biofuel compatibility, robotized body and so on.

The price, availability and release date of the CC850 is not disclosed yet however, the company’s founder declared only 50 pieces of this new model will be produced.

This new CC850 was recently revealed via a live event on the 19th of August so, the information available is minimal. We have collected all the important details and presented them in this article. The information will be updated once the company comes up with more details on Koenigsegg CC850.


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