Electric vehicles are set to rule the automobile industry of the entire world. Having said that, electric vehicles won’t compromise quality, luxury, and features provided by non-electric cars.

Almost every car manufacturer company is slowly moving towards the production of electric cars. And Mercedes is one of them which has already produced EVs like EQC but now is preparing to introduce the electric car of the future known as Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR.

In this article, we will be exploring the Mercedes Vision AVTR Price, features, design, and other details.

The Mercedes Vision AVTR is a groundbreaking concept vehicle inspired by AVATAR. This concept car is planned for development with the AVATAR team and advanced vehicle transformation. The car reflects the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers, and trend researchers.

The VISION AVTR is meant to be an agile implementation of the dynamic luxury saloon that comes with four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motors. This vehicle is expected to create a new benchmark for EQ power with a combined engine power of over 350 kW. The power generated by the four fully individually controllable motors is enhanced by the intelligent and fully variable torque distribution. The driving dynamics are assisted by the intelligent distribution in a highly efficient manner.

Besides, the reliability and excellence of the driving dynamics are powered by an innovative all-wheel drive with torque vectoring. Not only performance but the VISION AVTR is also conceptualized for optimum safety. Each wheel of the concept vehicle can be driven separately with varying driving conditions.

One of the interesting features of the VISION AVTR is its ability to move sideways by approximately 30 degrees. This is possible due to the ability of the AVTR to drive the front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite ways. This feature is unique compared to conventional vehicles. This concept vehicle is expected to have a movement called ‘crab movement’ depicting a reptile-like appearance even its movement.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR Design


33 multi-directional movable surface “bionic” flaps
Vegan DINAMICA® leather interior
Karuun® wood flooring
Rose gold tire rim arms
3D graphics

Multifunctional control element
“Vehicle to Grid” function restores energy to the public through highly efficient batteries controlled by artificial intelligence

Features of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

Organic Battery Technology


The VISION AVTR concept car is a fully electric concept vehicle to be powered with innovative and highly reliable organic battery technology. The intelligent and innovative electric drive is powered by a particularly powerful and compact high-voltage battery. The all-new battery technology to be featured on the AVTR is based on a graphene-based organic cell chemistry that eradicates rare, toxic, and expensive earth-like metals.

The electromobility of the AVTR is out of fossil resources due to the revolutionary battery technology. This technology is to be introduced for the first time in electric vehicle production. Another important feature is the recyclability of the battery by compositing and it is 100 percent recyclable due to the materiality. With that, the Mercedes-Benz resembles the high relevance of a future circular economy in the raw materials sector.

Exceptionally fast charging capability

The VISION AVTR with intelligent and innovative battery technology comes with an exceptional fast charging capability that is supported by automated, and conductive charging technology. The battery charging technology is featured with an exponentially high energy density – comparing to today’s battery systems with up to 1200 Wh/litre.

With such innovative and next-level charging technology, the VISION AVTR gets its batter fully charged within 15 minutes. Besides, the technology allows maximum flexibility with regard to the construction space. The battery adapts ideally to the shared space vehicle concept with a local minimum of 94 millimeters. With this, the multifunctional interior of the AVTR is optimized.

Power Performance and Range

VISION AVTR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price)

The VISION AVTR is powered by a 110-kWh battery that can provide an electric range of over 700 kilometers. By recuperating during roll-out and braking, the high-voltage battery can be recharged with higher efficiency than established systems while driving and thus contributes to the high energy efficiency of the overall system. 

Optimized Efficiency

The efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is considered more important as compared to the driving concept as it comes with enhanced digitalization. The performance of a large number of so-called secondary consumers also comes into focus – along with their efficient energy supply, without negatively affecting the drive power of the vehicle itself.

The energy consumption per computing operation is an important aspect of the new computer chips for the VISION AVTR. This new technology trend will excel in the coming years with the growth of sensors and artificial intelligence in the automobile industry.


The neuro-inspired approach also called neuromorphic hardware is conceptualized for the AVTR to minimize the energy requirements of sensors, chips and other components to a few watts. This will be possible with the supply of energy from the cached current of the integrated solar plates on the back of the VISION AVTR. In addition, the AVTR comes with 33 multi-directionally movable surface elements that act as “bionic flaps”.

Merging of Interior and Exterior

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is to be introduced with a completely refined new design approach for the first time. The design concept comes with a combination of the exterior, interior, and UX from the first sketch. The holistic design concept of the electric vehicle resembles the man and human perception as the initial design point.


The design of the AVTR initiates with the passengers’ experience and then emphasizes the perception and requirements of the passengers. This concept of the car is especially proposed for the perception of its passengers.

Moreover, the electric concept vehicle is designed to provide an immersive experience space where passengers connect with each other, with the car, and the surrounding in a unique way.

Built with Sustainable Materials

The color design is inspired by the color world of the sea as the large areas of AVTR such as the back shell of the seat and the sky are decorated with a color-changing fabric. The textile changes its color from dark blue to subtle light blue depending on the variation of light.

The luxurious-looking seats are designed with vegan DINAMICA leather which is the first and only microfibre material ensuring environmental sustainability throughout the entire production cycle. This leather is a recycled material produced from old clothing, flags, and PET plastic bottles. Detailed attention is paid to low pollutant emissions and low energy consumption during the production phase.


The DINAMICA leather is favorable for use in luxurious car interiors due to its optimum performance, versatility, and high quality. Besides, the leather guarantees slip resistance for passengers on the seats. You feel like a ‘welcome home’ feeling with the softness of DINAMICA leather.

Featured with Intuitive Control

The digital neurons of the VISION AVTR flow through the grille through the wheels to the rear area and respond to the approach of the passengers by visualizing the energy and information flow of the environment. When a person places his/her hand on the center console of the concept vehicle, the interior comes to life and the AVTR recognizes the driver by his/her breathing. Due to this feature, the initial interaction between the human and vehicle happens completely through the control unit.


In addition, the VISION AVTR creates a biometric connection with the driver and enhances his/her awareness of the environment. The digital neurons depict the flow of energy and information by flowing from the interior into the exterior. For instance, the energy flows to the corresponding side of the vehicle when changing direction. Likewise, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle when driving.

Immersive Experience Space

The AVTR’s curved display module replaces a conventional dashboard and establishes the visual connection between passengers and the outside world. One of the cool features of this concept vehicle is that the outside world around the vehicle and the surrounding area is displayed in real-time 3D graphics and at the same time it also shows the event on the road in front of the vehicle.


Such features allow passengers to discover and interact live with the environment in a natural way. Passengers get an opportunity to interact with various views of the outside world with the real-time image combined with energy lines that bring the interior to life.

The VISION AVTR allows you to explore the details of three wonders of nature – the Huangshan Mountains of China, the 115-meter-high Hyperion Tree found in the United States, and the pink salt Lake Hillier from Australia.

Another interesting feature is that passengers can keep themselves aware of different forces of nature that are not normally visible to the human eye. Examples of such forces can be taken as ultraviolet light, magnetic fields, or bioenergy.

Designed with Bionic Formal Language

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept vehicle combines both luxury and sustainability. This innovative concept car can blend harmoniously into its surrounding environment and communicate or interact with it.


This ultimate luxury electric car is the perfect example of the fusion of humans and nature with the utilization of intelligent technology. Your AVTR becomes an extension of your own body and a powerful machine to discover and explore the environment as soon as you enter the vehicle.


BATTERY110 kWh battery
BATTER TECHNOLOGYGraphene-based organic battery technology
POWER469 hp with all-wheel drive with torque vectoring
EMISSIONS0g/ml CO2 emissions
SENSORSIntelligent and interactive sensors
RANGEEstimated range of 435 miles
CHARGING CAPACITYFull charge in less than 15 minutes


As the VISION AVTR is the concept car and is in the development phase so, the Mercedes VISION AVTR price is not disclosed officially. However, it is expected to compete with the Tesla Model Y and the pricing may start with $39,000 when it becomes available in late 2021.

You can expect the official Mercedes VISION AVTR Price soon as the company will reveal it after the official release event.

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