With the drastic increase in petrol prices worldwide, the trend of buying and using electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Some big countries like the France and UK have already announced to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Likewise, other countries are also promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Talking about our country Nepal, the automobile industry is slowly and eventually moving toward the electric era. At present, the price of petrol has skyrocketed and the citizens are seen interested in purchasing electric cars, bikes and scooters.

With that, lots of electric vehicle companies have been introduced in Nepal recently. We have already published a detailed article on Top Electric Cars in Nepal with their price and features. That’s why we will be focusing on the best electric scooters in Nepal in this article.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, don’t skip this informative article as you will explore the top best electric scooters with their price and features which will make it easy to make a better purchasing decision.

Key Note: We have selected the top electric scooters in Nepal based on pricing below 4 lakhs, use of lithium-ion battery and two-seat capacity.

Best Electric Scooters in Nepal with Price (2022)

Niu Gova G3
Niu Gova G5
Rs. 2,55,000 (G3)
Rs. 3,25,000 (G5)
Super Soco CUxRs. 2,49,900 (Standard Colours)
Rs. 2,59,900 (Luxury Colours)
Yadea G5Rs. 3, 45,000
Segway Ninebot E100
Segway Ninebot E125
Rs. 2,91,000 (E100)
Rs. 3,91,000 (E125)
Lvneng LX 06Rs. 3,29,000
Doohan UranusRs. 3,21,900
Pure EV EPluto 7GRs. 2,75,000
The above prices are subject to change and are for reference purposes only.

Niu Gova G3 and G5

Niu is one of the popular electric scooter manufacturing companies available in Nepal with various models. Niu Technologies is headquartered in Beijing, China and all productions are executed in China’s eastern city of Changzhou.

At present, Niu offers electric bicycles and scooters in Nepal with different models and designs. Talking about scooters, the company sells NQi-Series (NQi GT/5 & NQi Sport), MQi-Series (MQi+ & MQiGT), Gova (G3 & G5) and UQi-Series (UQi & UQiGT).

Although all Niu models available in Nepal are special in their own way, we have chosen Gova G3 and G5.

Niu Electric Scooters in Nepal

Gova G3 is the all-electric scooter that comes with 2700 watt Bosch Motor, 100% power lithium battery, smart dashboard, multi-mode riding, CBS Braking, Halo Headlight and various other interesting features.

G3 offers up to 60 km/h of top speed and the estimated range of 65 to 90 km depending on the riding conditions. The overall charging time for the lithium battery which offers a rated power of 3000 watts and conversion efficiency of 89%  is 7 hours.

The current price of Niu Gova G3 is Nrs. 2,55,000.

NIU Gova G5 is another best electric scooter available in Nepal that is built with a powerful 4th generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery and 3000w Bosch Motor. The powerful battery produces a rated power of 3000 watts and a conversion efficiency of 89%.

The charging time for the Gova G5 battery is 7 hours. Likewise, the claimed top speed of this scooter is 80 km/h and can offer up to 100 km of range depending on the riding conditions.

Other features include a smart dashboard, halo headlight, multi-mode riding, CBS Braking and Anti-Theft USB Charger.

At present, Niu Gova G5 is priced at Nrs. 3,25,000.

Super Soco CUx

Super Soco is another famous electric vehicle manufacturing company based in Shanghai, China that manufactures electric scooters and bikes. Talking about electric scooters, we can find Super Soco CUx, Super Soco CU Mini and Super Soco CPx in Nepal. Among these two great all-electric scooters, we have selected CPx over CUx due to the pricing.

Super Soco CUx is priced at Rs. 2,49,900 for standard colours and Rs. 2,59,999 for luxury colours. On the other hand, CPx costs Rs. 4,59,000 for a single battery and Rs. 5,89,900 for double battery variant.

Super Soco Electric Scooters in Nepal

The CUx model looks simple and elegant. It is powered by a 1.3kw Bosch Motor that delivers enough power to explore the city road in style. The battery equipped is a lightweight honeycomb lithium-ion pack that requires almost 6 hours for full charging.

One of the cool features is that the 10Kg battery is removable and you can charge it in your room also. As per the range is concerned, the company claims an estimated range of 64 km however, it depends on the riding condition.

For instance, if you ride with Gear 2, you can get a maximum range of 60 km but with higher gear (Gear 3), the range decreases.

Minimalistic design, LCD display, Dual Disc Braking, Remote Key, Anti-Theft safety feature, LED headlight and Taillamp and comfortable riding posture are the key features of CUx.

Yadea G5

Yadea was founded in 2001 and it is recognized as one of the top electric two-wheeler vehicle manufacturers today. The company features seven production bases in various countries and exports electric two-wheelers to over 100 countries including Nepal, the United States and Germany.

In the context of Nepal, Yadea delivers E-Scooter and E-Bike. Yadea C1S, G5 and S-Like are the electric scooters currently available in the Nepali automobile market. Among these three models, we thought Yadea G5 could be the best scooter for you.

Yadea Electric Scooters in Nepal

Yadea G5 is powered by a 60V Panasonic Lithium-ion battery combined with a GTR 3.0 electro motor. With that, the scooter can produce a rated power of 1200W and a maximum power of 2300W. 

It almost takes 6 hours to completely charge the Lithium-ion battery. Talking about the range, the company-claimed estimated range is 80 km however, it might vary depending on the riding conditions and quality. Likewise, the top speed of G5 is 60 km/hr.

The major attractions of the Yadea G5 are dual disc brakes, smart battery protection, 7-inch LCD display, LED lights, high-performance motor, elegant design and enhanced riding comfort.

The price of the Yadea G5 in Nepal is Rs. 3,45,000.

Segway Ninebot E125 and E100

Segway was an American two-wheeler manufacturer but it was acquired by a Chinese company Ninebot in the year 2015. The company is manufacturing electric scooters/bikes and exporting to various countries including Nepal.

You can find Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro, Kick Scooter F40/F30,eKickScooter Zing E10, S Pro, Ninebot E100 and Ninebot E125. Among these models, Ninebot E100 and E125 are the commuter e-scooters.

Segway Ninebot E125 is currently priced at Rs. 3,91,000 whereas E100 costs Rs. 2,91,000.

Segway Electric Scooters in Nepal

The Ninebot E100 is powered by a tailored 72V lithium-ion battery combined with a tailored brushless motor that produces a rated power of 1800W and a maximum power of 2400W. The battery takes almost 7 to 8 hours for full charging.

As per the range is concerned, the company-claimed estimated range is 60 to 100 km however, it fully depends upon riding conditions and quality.

On the other hand, the Segway Ninebot E125 is introduced as the enhanced version of E125 as it comes with improvised features.

E125 is powered by a 72V lithium-ion battery and a 2400W brushless motor capable of producing a maximum power of 3600W and a maximum torque of 200Nm. The total charging time for the battery is between 5 to 6 hours. With that, the scooter offers a claimed range of 60 to 120 km.

Lvneng LX06

Lvneng is an electric scooter manufacturing brand based in China and it exports e-scooters to various countries including Nepal. Lvneng LX 04, LX 01, LX 02, LX 05, LX 08, LX 06, LX 05-D and LX 06 Max are the models available for Nepali customers.

Among the various models offered by the company, we have picked Lvneng LX06 due to its reasonable pricing and attractive features.

Lvneng Electric Scooters in Nepal

LX 06 is powered by a 2.03kW Bosch Motor that delivers a maximum power of 2.03kW combined with a 60V Samsung Lithium-ion battery. The estimated full charging time for the lithium-ion battery is 6 hours. Likewise, the fully charged battery can offer an estimated range of 75 km subject to riding conditions and road quality.

3 Riding modes, Remote Key, Anti-Theft Security, LCD Digital Display, Sporty design, powerful motor, Samsung Lithium-ion battery and Dual Disc Braking are the key features of LX 06.

The latest price of Lvneng LX 06 in the Nepali market is Rs. 3,29,000.

Doohan Uranus

Doohan Technology is a high-tech smart vehicle manufacturing company based in China. The two-wheeled electric vehicles manufactured by the company are exported to various countries including Nepal.

Doohan iTank Smart Electric Scooter, Doohan iTango, Doohan Eswan and Doohan Uranus are the models available currently in the Nepali market. Among these, Doohan Uranus is the best-selling e-scooter.

Doohan Electric Scooters in Nepal

Doohan Uranus comes with a single battery and dual battery system. The single battery system features a 72V 26Ah LG/Panasonic Lithium-ion battery combined with a 3000W DC Brushless motor. The standard charging time for the single battery is 4 to 5 hours and the estimated range is 50km depending on the speed and riding quality. The claimed top speed is 45 km/h.

The dual battery system consists of 2 LG/Panasonic 72V 26Ah lithium-ion batteries with a 3000W DC Brushless Motor. The charging time is 4-5 hours per battery and the estimated range is 90km. Talking about the top speed, it is claimed as 70 km/h.

LCD Dashboard, Auto Adapting LED Lamp, Brushless Motor from Doohan Technology, and Integrated tail Light are the key features of Doohan Uranus.

The price of the Doohan Uranus e-Scooter with a Single Battery System is Rs. 3,21,900.

Pure EV ePluto 7G

Pure EV is an electric scooter company based in India and has a good global presence. The company has started exporting its electric scooters here in Nepal also. White Lotus Motors offers Etrance Neo, EPluto 7G and eTryst 350 in the Nepali market.

We have included EPluto 7G in this list due to its reasonable pricing and quality features. EPluto 7G is known as India’s premium electric two-wheeler scooter that can offer a comfortable riding experience.

Pure EV Electric Scooters in Nepal

Alloy wheels, high-torque motor with rear suspension, anti-theft provision with a smart lock, wide LCD screen, LED lights, multi-speed modes and regenerative braking are the key features of 7G.

EPluto 7G is powered by a 1.5kW motor combined with a 2.5kWh battery. This combination can produce a maximum power of 2.2kW. The battery takes almost 4 to 6 hours for full charging and can deliver an estimated range of 90 to 120 km depending on the riding quality and conditions. Talking about the speed, the scooter can operate at a top speed of 60 km/h.

The latest price of Pure EV EPluto 7G in Nepal is Rs. 2,75,000.


We are almost at the end of this informative article where we explored 9 different Electric Scooters in Nepal that are priced under 4 lakhs and offer great features.

You can purchase any of the scooters mentioned above, however, make sure you go for a detailed visit and a test ride available in showrooms before making a decision.


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