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Honda automobiles are continually hoping to improve things, to make innovation supportive, and to discover effective methods of making the world a superior spot for everybody. Ecological difficulties are driving interest for cleaner spaces to live and work, while propels in innovation and man-made reasoning are upgrading the manner in which we impart. The company is focused on making all its standard models electrified by 2022, guaranteeing a higher economy, lower outflows, and a cleaner climate.


Does Honda Make Electric Car?

Honda one of the biggest automobile company has a range of vehicles in different categories yet still behind the other car manufacturers in EV models. The company hasn’t showcased any global all-electric cars which have been now the top priority as the EV cars are gaining more popularity amongst car buyers around the world. The previously Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid is sold in the US and Honda e fully electric small hatchback especially available in japan and European market only. The company is focusing more on future sustainability and new concept fully electric cars are coming in near future from Honda.


Honda Urban EV Concept

Honda Urban EV Concept innovation and configuration is the aftereffect of a huge brand heading towards the large scale manufacturing of EV models. Based upon a recently evolved EV-just stage, the Honda Urban EV Concept is a smaller vehicle, ideal for metropolitan driving. The outside communicates Honda’s little vehicle DNA, straightforward and notably. The front and back are furnished with shows that show messages and good tidings to spectators. The inside is current and agreeable, furnished with a huge presentation, and dependent on Honda’s AI innovation. The Honda Urban EV Concept furnishes the driver with opportune ideas, acknowledging normal correspondence among driver and vehicle.


2024 Prologue “First all-electric SUV from Honda”

Recently the company announced its 2024 Honda Prologue will be the first result of a partnership between Honda and General Motors on EV powertrains. Honda hasn’t yet shared exactly what size or shape the Prologue will take, but we expect it to be either a compact or mid-size SUV. The differentiation between the Prologue and GM EVs will be in the “top half” of its body design and its interior. The Prologue will be the first of two vehicles that Honda is co-developing with General Motors, using the US automaker’s Ultium battery packs. The company says it chose the name Prologue to indicate that it is the first of many upcoming electric vehicles.


Honda e electric car design

Honda’s first all-electric metropolitan vehicle with its exceptional mix of dynamic execution, refined solace, and cutting-edge innovation. Designed to convey an outstanding driving encounter. The new Honda e is a vehicle planned and molded by the city and how we carry on with our lives today. A vehicle that consistently interfaces every one of the various parts of your existence with the smart network. A vehicle equipped for offering momentous degrees of solace. Also, obviously, a vehicle that produces zero emissions. With its beautifully simple design and friendly personality, its smooth lines not only enhance the overall appearance of the car but also reduces drag, improving its efficiency.


The Honda e’s straightforward, cleaned up appearance has been accomplished by incorporating a large number of its outer highlights. The front headlights, radar sensor, and front aligned camera, for example, are completely contained inside a solitary board. Two conservative superior quality cameras supplant traditional mirrors, and an emotional dark colored glass rooftop finishes the smooth, consistent feel.

A blend of plan effortlessness and trend-setting innovation can be found in everything about it. The front entryway handles fit flush to the bodywork, possibly stretching out and enlightening when you approach the vehicle; while at the back, they are covered up inside the window region. Front and back lights are multi-useful and consolidate the markers into one firm plan; the headlights even welcome you with liveliness when you open the vehicle. The charging point, found midway on the hood, permits simple access from one or the other side and accommodatingly illuminates when being used.


Honda e electric car Interior & Comfort

A calm, spacious and contemporary interior welcomes both driver and passengers. The uncluttered and beautifully simple design provides maximum room and total comfort in which to enjoy the premium sound system. The unique full-width digital dashboard features five displays that entertain and connect to things giving intuitive control over a range of intelligent applications and services. Two central 12.3″ touchscreens allow multiple information to be accessed simultaneously by the driver and the passenger supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Send destinations to your navigation system remotely from your smartphone, via the My Honda+ app.


The Honda e seats covered in hard-wearing yet soft-to-touch fabric, they are as supportive and comfortable. The rear seats not only provide your passengers with excellent legroom, but they can also fold flat for extra load space when required. In addition, LED spotlights have been thoughtfully positioned overhead providing each passenger, with welcome additional lighting. Every detail, from the look and feel of each button to the positioning of handy storage spaces, has been designed with mobile phone storage, whilst every occupant has their own USB port, so everyone can stay connected to their world.


The dual-function rear-view mirror can either be used in conventional wide-angle mirror mode or can be switched to camera mode; which provides a clear digital image, even at night. It also includes anti-dazzle technology to reduce glare from car headlights. Conventional door mirrors have been replaced with high-definition cameras, which provide clear images on screens within the cabin, even at night or in bad weather. Because the cameras are more compact than conventional door mirrors, fitting within the width of the car, they not only reduce wind noise and drag but are also useful for narrow streets and car parks.

Honda e seamlessly connects to the world with our latest intelligent technology that can communicate with it remotely from a smartphone via the My Honda+ app. The features include allows to schedule charge times, close the car windows, or pre-heat the interior, use your smartphone as a Digital Key to lock, unlock and even start the car. The voice-activated Honda Personal Assistant helps to provide relevant recommendations of the weather, finding the nearest charging point, favorite music, or choice of restaurant.


Honda e car Performance

Power gives the ideal energy to city driving, it’s spotless, effective, and produces dynamic execution with zero emanations. Optimal 50:50 weight distribution and low center of gravity for a stable and balanced chassis. A rear-mounted powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels. The compact 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery is liquid-cooled to maximize battery performance in all weather conditions. Completely energized, it’s anything but a scope of up to 137 miles, which is all that anyone could need to do every one of the things you love to do and in and out of town. Execution and reach are continually augmented, because of a smart framework that keeps the batteries at their ideal working temperature.

The Honda e may work like an automatic but with its single fixed ratio, pressing the accelerator pedal gives a smooth and instant response. A power output of 154PS and 315Nm of torque delivers a sporty yet comfortable drive. Switching to Sport mode significantly increases acceleration response gives a more exhilarating experience. With a turning radius of only 4.3m, the Honda e is highly maneuverable and agile, perfect for narrow and twisty streets, and with the added assistance from the Honda Parking Pilot, enjoy every drive.


Honda e electric car Technical Specifications

Engine TypeBEV
Driven WheelsRear Wheel Drive
Transmission TypeFixed Reduction
Max Power 113 kW (154PS)
Max Torque 315Nm
Max Speed 90mph
Electric Motor TypeDC Brushless
Battery Capacity 35.5kWh
Range137 miles
Length3,894 mm
Width1,752 mm
Height1,512 mm
Wheelbase 2,538 mm
Ground Clearance145 mm
Turning Radius4.6 m
Boot Capacity171 Liters
Kerb Weight1526 kg
Read More about Honda e car Specs (ELECTRIC CARS HONDA)

Honda e electric car Range & Charging

Charging Honda e is easy on account of its charging point being situated halfway into the hat, permitting simple access from one or the other side of the vehicle. It’s anything but a coordinated LED light that plainly shows the situation with the charge and a wellbeing lock to guarantee the force link can’t be eliminated while being used. Charging times shift contingent upon the sort of charger used yet you would quickly be able to charge to 80% limit shortly with a fast charger, which is less time than it takes to charge a cell phone.


Honda e electric car Safety Features

Collision Mitigation Brake System: If there is a possibility of a collision with a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist, the system will alert you whilst simultaneously reducing your speed, helping to minimize the severity of any impact.
Road Departure Mitigation System: A camera detects the road boundaries the system will provide a lane departure warning and the car will automatically apply subtle corrections to the steering to keep your vehicle in lane.
Traffic Sign Recognition System: It identifies traffic signs and relays the information to you via a visual display.

Lane Keeping Assist System: Provides a less stressful driving experience especially on motorways, by keeping the car in the middle of the lane. This can be overridden when the indicator is used.


Intelligent Speed Limiter: Automatically controls a vehicle’s speed to a speed preset by the driver or at the speed limit indicated by a traffic sign.
Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow: Adaptive Cruise control maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It predicts and adjusts the speed automatically only resuming to the set speed when the danger has passed. Low Speed Follow technology will detect if a vehicle in front comes to a stop and will automatically decelerate and stop if the brakes aren’t applied.
Auto High-Beam Headlights: Detects a vehicle in front, and automatically switches between high beam and low beam.

Lead Car Departure Notification System: Alerts the driver when the car in front has moved ahead and you are still stationary.

Low-Speed Braking Control: If you are close to an object that you may not have noticed whilst driving at low speed,
the Honda e will decelerate and give an audio and visible warning before applying emergency braking.


Honda e FeaturesHonda e Advance Features
Full-width dual screenCentre Camera Mirror System
Smart entry & startAround View Monitor
Sky roofPremium Audio with 8 speakers
Single pedal controlBlind Spot /Cross Traffic Monitor
16” alloy wheel16” or 17” alloy wheel
Side Camera Mirror SystemHonda Parking Pilot

Honda e prices

Honda e electric car comes with two different variant base model and Honda e Advance. Both the variants come with the same powertrain and share a similar design it can be differentiated by the features equipped in the car. The price of the car is quite expensive as compared to the other rivals in the electric car segment. The car packed with the latest technology and range of features is definitely to consider for normal city users.

Honda e variantsHonda e prices
Honda e$38,000
Honda e Advance $42,000
Please note that the above electric cars Honda e price is subjected to change and is reference purposes only. (ELECTRIC CARS HONDA)


Does Honda have an electric car?

The Honda e car is an all-electric vehicle and is available in Japan and Europe. The smart urban car is the first-ever fully electric-powered car from Honda. Previously plug-in hybrid cars were available with electric motors along with fuel engines. The company is focusing more on future sustainability and new concept fully electric cars are coming in near future from Honda.

How much will the Honda E cost?

The Honda e electric car is available in two variants the base model priced at $38,000 and goes up to $42,000 for the top variant of the car.

What is the name of Honda’s electric car?

The small compact electric car “Honda e” and an electric SUV called the “Prologue” 2024 model developed with GM. The automaker’s first attempt to sell an EV in high volume as it pivots away from gasoline-powered cars.



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