Explore the Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity

At present, we can find various electric vehicles in the auto market including SUVs, pickup trucks, normal cars, EV bikes and upcoming concept EVs. The automobile industry will soon take over conventional vehicles with fully electric EVs. 

People are always concerned about the reliability and performance of electric vehicles when it comes to off-roading and towing. Particularly talking about Tesla, there are currently four models available for purchase which are Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model Y and Model X. Tesla Cybertruck will debut somewhere between 2023 and 2024.

In this article, we are focusing on Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity so, let’s get started with some basic introduction to Tesla Model 3.

About Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular and affordable electric vehicles in the international automobile market. Enhanced safety and powerful performance are the key features of Model 3. The styling and design for the Model 3 are inherited from the Tesla Model X SUV and Tesla Model S Sedan.

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a unique interior design and an all-glass roof. Besides, it is equipped with a rigid structure, impact protection, and very low rollover risk.

The Model 3 is available in three variants or trim levels which are Standard Plus, Performance and Long Range AWD.

Battery75.0 kWh75.0 kWh80.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack
Acceleration5.3s (0-60 mph)3.1s (0-60 mph*)*with rollout subtracted4.2s (0-60 mph)
Range263 miles (est.)315 miles (EPA est.)353 miles (EPA est.)
DriveRear-Wheel DriveDual Motor All-Wheel DriveDual Motor All-Wheel Drive
Seating5 Adults5 Adults5 Adults
Weight3,582 lbs4,065 lbs4,065 lbs
Cargo15 cu ft15 cu ft15 cu ft
Displays15″ Center Touchscreen15″ Center Touchscreen15″ Center Touchscreen
Supercharging Max/ Payment Type170 kW max; Pay Per Use250 kW max; Pay Per Use250 kW max; Pay Per Use
Onboard Charger Max7.6 kW max (32A)11.5 kW max (48A)11.5 kW max (48A)

With this short introduction, let’s explore the Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity.

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity

The Towing Capacity offered by the Tesla Model 3 is 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds) however, towing with the Model 3 is restricted in certain regions including the United States.

For instance, the Tesla Model 3 in France can be equipped with a high tensile steel pintle hook with a detachable adaptor. It can tow up to 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds) with this configuration.

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity

Likewise, in the United Kingdom, the Tesla Model 3 can be configured with a high-strength steel tow bar with a removable adaptor. The towing capacity is the same which is 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds).

In Luxembourg, you can install a trailer hitch made of high-strength steel with a detachable ball head on your Tesla Model 3. With that, you can tow up to 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds).

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity in the USA

At present, Tesla Model 3 does not support towing in North America and it is not recommended to use the car for towing purposes. Tesla has warned of potential damage or the risk of a collision due to using Model 3 for towing.

There are Tesla-approved towing components and accessories available to use towing on Tesla Model 3 however, doing that may void the warranty.

Tesla had hinted to release a tow hitch option for the Model 3 Electric sedan in North America but the official update is yet to be disclosed. CEO Elon Musk had also announced to make it available years ago but it didn’t happen as expected.

We need to wait for the updates to find out whether a tow hitch on Tesla Model 3 will be available in North America.

Tesla Model 3 Towing Test by Truck King

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity Test

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the Tesla Model 3 is currently 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds) and it is applicable for all three variants (Standard, Performance and Long Range AWD).

Can you tow a boat with a Tesla Model 3?

Ski boats, bass boats and pontoon boats can weigh up to 800 pounds whereas kayak and canoe trailers weigh between 200 lbs to 400 lbs. Other boats may exceed 1,000 pounds.

As we discussed above, the Tesla Model 3 can tow up to 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds) so, it is capable of towing a boat weighing below 1,000 kgs. 

Can you put a trailer hitch on a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity

Tesla Model 3 is approved for towing purposes in some European countries while it is prohibited in the United States. A trailer hitch, high-tensile steel hook, high-strength steel tow bar and other towing accessories approved by Tesla are available for installation in countries approved for towing with Tesla Model 3.

Model 3 owners in Luxembourg can install a trailer hitch made of high-strength steel for towing purposes. On the other hand, a high-strength steel tow bar with a removable adaptor is available for installation on Tesla Model 3 in the United Kingdom.


Tesla cars are popular these days and people are loving the technology offered by the company. There are more than 2.5 million Teslas on the road worldwide as per the sales figure released for the first quarter of 2022. 


Efficient performance and reliability are the main reasons behind the popularity of Tesla electric cars. As we discussed above, Tesla cars can be used for towing also. Tesla Cybertruck is the most powerful pickup truck that can tow up to a maximum of 14,000 pounds. Other models can also be used for towing purposes.

Tesla Model 3 can tow up to 1,000 kgs (2,200 pounds) but it is available for towing purposes in European countries only. Towing with Model 3 is currently not allowed in the United States however, it is expected that Tesla would release a tow hitch option for the Model 3 Electric sedan in the North American market.   


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