The Audi urbansphere, skysphere, and grandsphere are three concept automobiles produced by the four-ringed brand to illustrate its vision for the world of luxury mobility in the future. The Audi concept vehicles have one thing in common all the cars are based on level 4 autonomous driving technology. With the all-new evolved luxury stunning concept of a self-driving sports vehicle, a big four-seater car with a flexible wheelbase, the company aims to modernize its new generation of cars.

What is Audi urbansphere concept car?

Audi has presented the third sphere concept electric minivan, which is systematically designed from the inside out. The Audi urbansphere concept car is a lounge-on-wheel with a high-tech interior, automated driving technology, or meeting space that can be individually customized for each passenger. The Audi urbansphere was developed by designers and engineers inspired by the Chinese megacities, luxurious Audi van concept was designed to provide ample space, convenience, and digitization. It smartly integrates this with technology and digital services that appeal to all five senses and provide a whole new level of experience.

The Audi urbansphere combines the fun of total solitude with a wide mixture of high-tech capabilities on board. Here’s everything we know about the Audi urbansphere concept.

Audi urbansphere concept

Audi Urbansphere design

Audi’s urbansphere at first instance, with the body’s monolithic form, as well as the sculpted, soft silhouette of the wheel arches, have similarities to a standard Audi concept automobile. The concept urbansphere is an electric car, its long wheelbase, majestic dimensions, characteristics like elegance, dynamism, and organic design language substantially represent the future of Audi vehicles.

Audi’s signature single-frame grille now gets an octagonal shape in the front where 3D LEDsdigital light structure is arranged in dynamically crystallized pixel areas integrated within the grille. The matrix LED headlamps are positioned above the grille and appear exceptionally sleek. The glass area is impressive; the windshield seamlessly flows into the rear, reminiscent of fighter jets.

Audi urbansphere concept

The Audi urbansphere concept is the biggest vehicle in the sphere family among all the Audi concept cars to date. The Audi urbansphere concept’s vast proportions of 5.51 meters (18 feet) long, 2.01 meters (6.6 feet) broad, and 1.78 meters (5.8 feet) high position it in the segment highest of the automobile industry standards. The exterior has a minimalist look. Opening the suicide doors reveals a cabin with chairs that cosset occupants. The unequaled 3.40-meter wheelbase is the most essential measurement (11.2 feet) that it was built from the ground up with the passenger’s space in mind.

The harmonious profile of the vehicle body features traditional Audi shapes and features, which are combined here to create a new design to a unique single frame. A widely curved, dynamic roof arch, a massive rocker panel that conceals the battery unit, and large 24-inch six double-spoke wheels give lightweight structure and stability. The big, flat windscreen emphasizes the inferred wedge form of the car body. There are giant digital lighting surfaces in the front and back that make their imprint on the setup while also serving as contact pieces.

Audi urbansphere concept

Audi Urbansphere interior

Audi planned the inside of the Urbansphere first, and afterward concocted an outside to fit the expected clients’ all’s solicitations. The design is for the vehicle to be a parlor on wheels that gives tenants a tranquil space while going through the rushing about of a city. Inside, there are four seats across two columns. This takes into account sufficient space for the seats to shift as much as 60 degrees, and there are expanding leg rests that convey. The headrests fold over the inhabitant to provide the occupant with a sensation of disengagement, and everyone has speakers coordinated with them.

Audi urbansphere concept

The infotainment framework for the back travelers is on a straightforward screen that turns down from the roof. The presentation is close to as wide as the lodge. Tenants can share the screen if they have any desire to watch exactly the same thing, or they can part the thing it’s appearing. Eye following and cameras screen the inhabitants consistently. In any event, when the seat is completely leaned back, individuals simply have to move their hands to control the framework. Sensors can likewise distinguish whether an individual is worried, and the vehicle can recommend enacting a reflection application.

Audi urbansphere concept

Audi Urbansphere Comfort

The Audi urbansphere’s features the need for enormous space as an unmistakable solace factor for the traveler’s boosting of stuff as many seats, stockpiling compartments, and valuable things as conceivable in a space denied by driving elements. A perfect touch for the dashboard is that the instruments project onto a wood board that traverses the vehicle’s whole width. A sensor recognizes where an individual contacts it to control it. The Urbansphere has level 4 independent capacity. This implies there are ordinary controls to drive, however, the vehicle can likewise direct itself.

The Audi urbansphere smart artificial intelligent gives everybody on board various ways of using that adaptability to make an exceptionally individualized in-vehicle experience in a confidential circle as wanted. The conceivable outcomes are essentially limitless thanks to Audi’s own decisions and the possibility to interface advanced administrations from different sources. The vehicle can likewise go about responsibilities that aren’t connected with movement, for example, reserving supper spots or purchasing on the web from inside the auto. Moreover, oneself driving Audi urbansphere idea gets travelers from their homes and deals with finding a parking space and charging the battery all alone.

Audi urbansphere concept


Is the Audi urban sphere electric?

The Audi urbansphere concept is a fully electric minivan based on level 4 autonomous driving technology. The new Audi Urbansphere comes with two electric motors making a total of 401hp. Audi is now uniting with CARIAD, the software division of the Volkswagen Group, to bring this technology to market in the second half of the decade.

Does Audi have a van?

The Audi Urbansphere is a concept car that looks similar to a minivan from the brand for the very first time. The future electric vehicles by Audi are set to be starting production units before 2025.

Is the Audi urbansphere real?

The Audi presents fascinating concept cars and urbansphere illustrate technological possibilities, pioneering innovations, and exciting designs. The Audi Urbansphere is a vision of the modern, sustainable premium mobility automobile for the future. The car is just showcased as a concept but the changes may happen in the near future production vehicles.

How much will Audi urbansphere cost?

The Audi Urbansphere concept is a future vehicle from Audi and the expected to come before 2025. The models and variants of the vehicle are not clarified but the car may be priced starting at around $120,000 depending upon the customization with additional cost the price can go higher.

When will Audi urbansphere release?

The Audi electric minivan can be seen as early as 2025, the company plans to release it in mid-decade it may arrive in China first. 

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