What is Audi’s grandsphere concept?

In the new Audi grandsphere second in a series of visionary concepts, the company is showing the future of the luxury electric sedan. The cars are electric, automated, intuitive, and with plenty of personal space for immersive experiences with a glimpse of first-class automotive comfort. Audi grand sphere concept where everything detail is done to perfection with the wow factor exterior’s design and pleasurable of discovering the new things modern interior.

Audi Grand Sphere concept Design

Audi Grandsphere concept design

The Audi grandsphere concept also offers a glance at a new interpretation of the Audi brand glimpse. Situated behind a specific covering, the mark Audi Singleframe appears as a level hexagon whose inside surfaces are by implication enlightened from above while driving. This makes a striking, profoundly sculptural impact.

Sitting on top of the Singleframe, the front light units reference the brand logo with its four rings. By growing and disengaging the meeting region between two of the four Audi rings, a student arises and with it a new, particular computerized light signature. Contingent upon the traffic circumstance, the size of the headlights can be adapted to use as daytime running lights. One more brand name quality of the Audi lighting configuration is the utilization of similar realistic in the taillights.

Audi Grand Sphere Concept Interior

Audi GrandSphere concept interior

The Audi grandsphere concept is designed to create a first-class lounge on wheels that is not only amply spacious and quiet but also very comfortable. The interior cabin space remains uncompromised, irrespective of whether the car is driven manually or in self-driving mode. The human-centric design with its different needs and desires is the touchstone for design-related decisions constantly surrounded by screens, information, and content in our daily lives. The doors open in opposite directions and there is no B-pillar, the passengers are given an expansive welcome into the full sweep of the interior.

The development of autonomous driving is the biggest change in automotive interior design right now and will significantly impact people’s expectations for future mobility experiences. At the moment, activities inside the car are largely defined by driving which is not going to change any time soon. The advantage of an autonomous driving platform bringing the first-class experience normally reserved for the rear to the front seats is people use their time in completely unique, new ways.

The spaciousness and comfort are paramount when designing an interior that promises a first-class motoring experience. The driver gets to enjoy the ultimate in comfort as the steering wheel is designed to fold seamlessly into the front section of the car when not in use. Inside the cabin ambiance of the space with many wooden elements create a warm, very natural environment for the occupants and provides a welcoming cocoon of peace and relaxation.

Audi Grand Sphere concept Doors

The Audi grandsphere no longer has a traditional dashboard, there is more space that helps to create a vibrant interior. It includes indulging in a digital detox the car has everything under control and is activated at a moment’s notice by gesture control or eye tracking in autonomous mode.

Every piece of information is projected onto this wooden surface, which shimmers through ever so slightly for all the passengers to recline fully and relax during their journey. The glass roof lets the maximum amount of natural light into the vehicle but also offers an occupant’s view of the surrounding landscape.

Audi Grand Sphere concept Side Profile

Audi Grandsphere concept technology

The Audi grand sphere concept is designed for autonomous driving with the most comfortable seats, for both front and rear full of blissful experience. The flexible individual seats boast every best technical feature from comfort headrests with integrated speakers to creating private sound zones, climate control, and massage functions. The MMI touchless control which is set into the sides of the doors at the front can be operated by gesture control response usual controls from a prone position without difficulty.

The premium sustainable materials chosen for the Audi grandsphere concept focus on authenticity, and aimed to create a space with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, balanced, and simple. An interior designed to create lounge feels around harmony and minimalism change in the materials the tech is seamlessly integrated. With the colour options for the seats, armrests, and wood finishes, the palette intimates current trends in architecture, fashion, and furniture design. In the Audi grand sphere, all passenger information is projected onto a wooden surface a seamless and genuine interaction between physical and digital creates a wondrous effect.

Audi Grand Sphere


What is the range of Audi Grandsphere concept?

The Audi Grand Sphere is powered by a massive 120-kWh battery located between the axles, which allows a range of up to 470 miles of range according to the WLTP cycle.

How fast can the Audi Grandsphere concept go?

Audi has fitted the Grandsphere with two electric engines that can deliver a total of 530 kW (720 hp) with 960 Nm in torque and all-wheel drive. As a result, it’ll do 0-60mph in around 4 seconds. Audi declares an acceleration twitch from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 4 seconds.

How long does it take to charge Audi Grandsphere concept?

Audi has given the Grandsphere its latest 800V electrical system that’s compatible with 270kW public fast-chargers, charging is quick, with an 800V charging system, 25 minutes is enough to charge the battery from 5-80 percent.

What are the 3 concept spheres that Audi will introduce in 2023 and 2024?

Audi is defining tomorrow’s luxury spheres concept as a natural progression and calming influence of traveling in a highly digitalized vehicle for greater personal freedom. The Audi brand has always been presenting fascinating concept cars and demonstrating technological possibilities, pioneering innovations, and exciting designs about the future of mobility. In three upcoming concept cars Audi sky sphere, Audi grandsphere, and Audi urban sphere, the brand is placing the space that surrounds the passengers (“sphere”) and which becomes an experience for them with the interior at the center of its designs.

When will the Audi Grand concept sphere be released?

Well, the Audi Grand Sphere Concept is yet not a full production car and is just a concept from the brand. But, Audi will make a production version that’ll go on sale alongside the normal petrol, diesel, and hybrid A8 in around 2025.

What is the price of the Audi Grandsphere?

The vision of future mobility that inspired the new Audi grandsphere concept, will likely cost around $95,000. The Audi grand sphere encapsulates the Four Rings’ design vision for digital transformation and will go on sale in 2024.

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