Lincoln debuted the Star Concept Electric car on April 20 (2022) to depict what its future electric car would look like. The global debut of the Lincoln Star Concept electric vehicle showcased the dynamic design, attractive appearance, and technology-packed and fully electrified vehicle.

The company informed their Star Concept Car resembles the brand’s design language for future electric vehicles. Lincoln has announced the introduction of three new all-electric cars by 2025 and the fourth one by 2026.

Electric vehicles are the future!

Slowly and eventually, the automobile industry is advancing towards the use of sustainable energy. Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and fully electric vehicles are starting to show up on the roads around the world.   

Lincoln has come up with the idea to deliver fully electric vehicles. Lincoln Star Concept and Lincoln L100 are the two concept electric cars revealed by the company.

In this article, we are going to explore Lincoln Star Concept all-electric future car with its interior, exterior, release date, price, photos and much more.

Lincoln Star Concept [Fully Electric Concept Vehicle]

The Lincoln Star Concept is a fully electric concept car with zero tailpipe emissions. This concept car reveals the company’s vision for producing electrified vehicles with advanced technology.

The key attractions or features of the Star Concept are:

  • Equipped with a next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System
  • Powered by connected technologies
  • Lavish Interior with three different moods
  • Attractive and new Dynamic Exterior Design
  • Efficient Performance both on and off the road
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Drivetrain
  • Flexible Battery Electric Architecture

Lincoln Star Concept Exterior


The exterior design of the Lincoln Star Concept is stylish and aerodynamically configured. Moreover, the company’s vision and design language for future electric vehicles resemble the Star Concept exterior design.

The exterior looks completely modern and futuristic with awesome colour composition. The blade-looking tires enhance the stylish and vibrant appearance. 

The Lincoln Star Concept car is equipped with enough cargo space in the rear section. It is a fully-electric vehicle due to which you will not find a gasoline engine. The space required for a gas engine is utilized for storage offering extra cargo space.

Jim Farley, President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company said:

“This is a shining example of what happens when we combine Lincoln luxury with flexible electrical architecture to create unimaginable experiences for customers. We can truly revolutionize how people engage with the brand and scale it across an exciting lineup of products that catapult Lincoln into the digital, connected age.” 

Lincoln Star Concept Interior

The interior of the Lincoln Star Concept looks futuristic with a sleek and premium-looking design. The materials (leather and chrome alternatives) used in the interior section are extravagant that offer next-level comfort. The overall design and colour composition decorate the beautiful interior.

The first and second rows are uniquely partitioned and you will find a premium cabin experience with spacious seating, reclined lounge posture, enough individual legroom and much more.

As we knew the Star Concept features three moods (harmonizing audio, scenting and lighting throughout the cabin), you will get controls for rejuvenation moods with which the entire cabin experience enlightens. 

One of the cool features in the interior section is the availability of a luxurious glass beverage chiller between the back seats. Another cool interior feature includes the 3D-printed metal latticework on the A-Pillar along the windshield and the D-Pillar at the back window section. This design is visible from the inside out and provides a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Talking about the technology, Star Concept will be equipped with a coast-to-coast curved horizontal display. You will get lots of technology and apps on the display screen that flows throughout the integrated centre control screen and then into the second-row screen offering a unique tech experience to the driver and passengers.

Lincoln Attache is one of the important features in the interior section which offers safe storage for tablets, laptops or other important belongings.

Lincoln Star Concept YouTube Video (Official)

Lincoln launched the official video of the Star Concept EV on its official YouTube channel. You can watch the full video below.

Lincoln Star Concept Performance

The Lincoln Star Concept car is a fully electric concept vehicle that will be completely powered by a flexible battery electric architecture. It will be available with both Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drivetrain.

It is a concept car for now so, the overall information related to the performance, battery capacity, charging time and reliability will be available once the vehicle rolls out from the production centre and goes through various tests.

Kemal Curic, Global Design Director for Lincoln said:

“The Lincoln Star Concept has been a true labor of love for our team and provides us with a platform to share and test our experiences and design philosophy with clients as we evolve our Quiet Flight DNA. Signifying transcendence through both space and time, the concept creates a sense of peace and serenity within an electric experience and previews what is to come from Lincoln.”

Lincoln Star Concept Images Gallery

Lincoln Star Concept Release Date

The Lincoln Star Concept electric car was unveiled on April 20, 2022. The company has announced to launch of three EVs by 2025 and the fourth one by 2026. It is also informed the Star Concept is the first EV among the three EVs to be launched in the year 2025.

So, we can expect the Star Concept all-electric car to roll out in the market starting in 2025.

Lincoln Star Concept Car Price

The Lincoln company has not revealed the price and configurations for the Star Concept EV. However, it is expected the price would start from US$70,000 and surpass $90,000 depending on the trim levels and customizations.

For now, Star Concept EV is only the concept vehicle and not available for purchase.

As per the international media, Lincoln Star Concept could follow the similar configurations or trim lineups as the current models (Standard, Reserve and Black Label).


Lincoln is celebrating its 100 years of glory and is still working relentlessly to create world-class vehicles. The company continues to reimagine what a driving machine can be.

Lincoln Star Concept EV is one of the examples of the company’s vision and brand identity. As declared by the company, we can expect four awesome fully electric cars by 2026.

In a nutshell, the Lincoln Star Concept EV will definitely attract customers if the final product meets the design concept and performance.

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FAQs on Lincoln Star Concept EV

How much is the Lincoln Star Concept?

The price of the Lincoln Star Concept is not revealed yet. It is expected the price would start from US$70,000 and exceed $90,000 depending on the trim levels and custom builds.

What is the future of Lincoln cars?

The future of vehicle manufacturers is electric. The electric auto market is gaining momentum day by day. So, the future of Lincoln Cars is also electric as it has already announced to launch 4 EVs by 2026.

What is Lincoln Star?

Lincoln Star Concept is a fully-electric concept vehicle that could be one of the three EVs to be launched by the company in the year 2025.

Is Lincoln making an EV?

Lincoln is currently working to design and develop various electric vehicles. The company has already revealed Star Concept and L100 all-electric vehicles that are expected to roll out by 2025. By the end of the year 2026, Lincoln will be launching 4 EVs.


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