New Jaguar I pace electric vehicle SUV price in USA 2022, Features, Specs and Review

Has Jaguar got an electric car?

All of us must have heard about Jaguar Cars. It is a luxury vehicle brand owned by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a British multinational car manufacturer based in Whitley, Coventry, England.

Jaguar is known for producing popular vehicles like Jaguar E-Pace, F-Pace, F-Type, Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar R, R-S, and SVR models. With the world moving towards the electric era, the majority of automobile manufacturers across the globe are developing electric vehicles and Jaguar is one of them.

What is Jaguar all-electric model called?

Jaguar I-Pace is the first electric car manufactured by the company. It was officially revealed on 1st March 2018. The I-Pace is a compact luxury crossover SUV featuring a battery-powered dual-motor. After the 2018 model, we witnessed 2020, and 2021 Jaguar I-Pace models and now moving towards the 2022 Jaguar I-Pace.

What are the Jaguar Electric Cars?

Jaguar I-Pace is the first and only electric car manufactured as Jaguar Electric Cars launched in the year 2019. Now, the manufacturing company is gearing towards the launch of the 2022 I-Pace, an all-electric performance SUV.

Over 36,000 Jaguar electric cars were sold from 2018 to 2021 as the majority of the I-Pace were sold in Europe followed by the United States. Throughout the production years, Jaguar upgraded the technological enhancements and optimized the I-Pace with newer technology like wireless charging, high-tech charging infrastructure, and much more.

Now, let’s explore the features, technical specifications, design, and price of the all-electric performance 2022 Jaguar I-Pace SUV.

How is I-Pace described by Jaguar?

The 2022 I-Pace is one of the latest models of Jaguar electric cars packed with various technological features and elegant designs. 

The exterior of the I-Pace features an elegant appearance and comes with a highly aerodynamic design offering a low drag coefficient of 0.29 Cd. The exterior design is produced in such a way that the electric SUV offers efficiency by slicing cleanly through the air. With that, the SUV provides optimum range and stability.

Jaguar I-PACE Exterior (Jaguar Electric Cars)

The flowing waistline, signature rear haunches, and dramatic hood scoop make the I-Pace look perfect from every angle. 

The fast and tapering waistline of the I-Pace is complemented by the sweeping fenders that sit low at the driver’s cabin. These fenders offer a sense of movement and reflect the flowing waistline design.

The hood scoop is another beautiful element of the SUV. The bold grille curves inward the vehicle pass over a roofline and are curved for optimum performance. This setting reduces drag by routeing air via the hood scoop and out.

The inclusion of a diffuser in the rear section helps the electric car mitigate the pressure differences causing a drag. The squared-off corners in the rear section allow air to detach cleanly from the vehicle. Door handles look elegant and also allow smooth airflow around the exterior.

The 2022 Jaguar I-Pace is equipped with standard Premium LED headlights that offer maximum visibility during night and dark conditions. The rear taillights also feature LED lights with a sleek design.

Talking about the roof, Jaguar I-Pace comes with a standard panoramic glass roof. Strong sunlight, heat, and UV light are blocked by the tinted and infrared-absorbing panoramic glass to enter the cabin.

In the section of the wheel, you have the option to choose from a range of five available wheels with sizes from 20 inches to 22 inches. The available wheel options are the 5 split-spoke, 20 inches Style 5070 with Polished Technical Grey Finish.

2022 Jaguar I-Pace Interior

The 2022 Jaguar I-Pace is equipped with a premium interior that features enough space and integrates technological amenities. The interior design with substantial features and sweeping lines looks clean, elegant, and uncluttered.

Jaguar I-PACE Interior (Jaguar Electric Cars)

The electric SUV offers comfort and additional space to make your travel enjoyable. Besides, the interior is equipped with a one-touch infotainment system like Pivi Pro.

The luxurious nature of the interior is reflected by the beautiful and handcrafted designs. The finishing of the cabin appearance is done with rich, solid, and fine contrast twin-need stitching.

The seats of the I-Pace are manufactured with high-quality materials and are also available in various colours. You can add heating and cooling features for enhanced comfort with the optional feature.

The interior section is calm due to the excellent refinement, and advanced motor encapsulation. The robust and fine exterior design reduces the wind noise entering the cabin. Besides, the acoustic laminated glass installed on the front windows and windshields protects the cabin from excessive noise.

2022 Jaguar I-Pace Performance

The 2022 Jaguar I-Pace is the latest Jaguar Electric Cars powered by a 90 kWh battery that supports protracted periods of sustained maximum power. This battery is designed for longevity as it offers excellent performance with enhanced efficiency.

The battery is placed within the wheelbase to enhance vehicle dynamics as it encourages a low centre of gravity.

Jaguar I-PACE Battery (Jaguar Electric Cars)

The Jaguar I-Pace is equipped with two permanent magnets synchronous electric motors that are integrated with the front and rear axles. These powerful motors produce a power of 394 hp and a torque of 512 lbs-ft. With these powertrains and the built-in all-wheel-drive traction, the Jaguar I-Pace takes approximately 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.

Unlike the non-electric cars, Jaguar Electric Cars ‘I-Pace’ doesn’t feature or require a conventional transmission because it offers instant sustainable acceleration from 0-12,000 rpm without lag and gearshift interruptions. The All-Wheel-Drive feature allows the electric SUV to offer quick power and torque response.

The performance of the Jaguar I-Pace is enhanced by various features including Torque Vectoring by Braking, Active Air Suspension, Adaptive Dynamics, Configurable Dynamics,  All-Wheel Drive, Adaptive Surface Response, All-Surface Progress Control, Low-Traction Launch, Enhanced Brake Regeneration, Heavy Traffic Braking, Active Vanes, Heat Pump, and much more.

Jaguar I-PACE Performance (Jaguar Electric Cars)

The Torque Vectoring by Braking offers controlled independent braking on the individual inside front and rear wheels. With that, the majority of braking pressure is applied to the rear inside the wheel which then magnifies the cornering ability.

The Active Air Suspension enhances the aerodynamic performance and range by minimizing space between the car and the road. This feature lowers the car by 0.4 inches when cruising at speeds in excess of 65 mph.

The available Adaptive Dynamics is accountable for the dynamics and luxurious ride. This system makes prim analysis of the acceleration, steering, throttle control, braking activity, and electronically controlled dampers and overall vehicle velocities up to 500 times a second. After that, the system optimizes the suspension settings to offer a supreme balance between comfort, agility and refinement.

You can personalize the steering weighting, damper stiffness, and throttle sensitivity with Configurable Dynamics. The sporting character of the I-Pace can be activated with the selection of Dynamic Mode.

The car’s surrounding environment and adjustment settings of motor and brake are handled by the optional Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR). The AdSR constantly monitors these settings at all speeds and enhances performance during adverse weather and challenging driving conditions.

Another powerful performance feature of the Jaguar I-Pace is the All-Surface Progress Control that allows you to establish and manage a constant speed in confronting driving conditions like slippery surfaces.

The Low-Traction Launch feature offers maximum torque control with enhancements in slippery conditions like snow, ice, and wet grass. 

The Jaguar I-Pace is equipped with an Enhanced Brake Regeneration System that recuperates all braking energy and provides regenerative braking. It also helps to optimize the battery’s range and capacity.

Another useful performance feature is Heavy Traffic Braking that allows you to increase the level of regenerative braking and make driving simpler in heavy traffic conditions.

There are Active Vanes installed on the front section of I-PACE that open when cooling of the battery is required. At other times, it remains closed to maintain smooth airflow. This feature has been added to offer a maximum balance between cooling and aerodynamics.

Heat Pump is another important feature available in the Jaguar I-PACE that accumulates heat from the outside air and electronic elements and then, transfers warmth to the cabin through the heating and ventilation system.

I-PACE In-Car Technology

The Jaguar I-PACE comes with various technology features to offer you a connected experience. The information is dispatched through your smartphone or any available choice of screens.

Jaguar I-PACE Technology (Jaguar Electric Cars)

Some Key features of In-Car Technology include:


Pivi Pro Infotainment system features media, contacts, and navigation.


The all-new navigation feature provides real-time traffic updates and live access to the charging points. You can also access parking and place information even without connectivity. All these details are broadcasted in 2D or 3D detailing along with voice guidance.


The online pack with data plan technology allows you to access online media, calendar information, weather updates, and much more. Besides, you can also send messages using voice dictation.

You can also access Wi-Fi enabled with the Data Plan feature to enjoy 4G data and an optional Wi-Fi Hotspot.


The Jaguar InControl App allows you to fetch information like the available vehicle range. It also features an SOS Emergency Call feature.


You can easily connect and communicate with your smartphone on the I-PACE touchscreen via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


You also have the option to utilize GPS Tracking technology in case of vehicle stolen cases.


The Head-U Display is introduced to the Jaguar I-PACE for reducing distraction as it displays fundamental vehicle data like speed and navigation on the windshield.


The Jaguar I-PACE comes with a 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display that offers driving information, and navigation with 3D mapping with elegant graphics.


I-PACE is equipped with a premium Meridian 3D Surround Sound System that offers the best and world-class sound experience.

I-PACE (Jaguar Electric Cars)

Jaguar I-PACE Technical Specifications

Battery90 kWh
Maximum power (PS/kW)400/294
Maximum torque (Nm/lb.ft)696/512
TransmissionSingle Speed Automatic
Maximum speed km/h (mph)200 km/h
Acceleration (secs) 0-100 km/h (0-60mph)4,8 (4,5)
Combined WLTP Range km (miles)409 – 470 (254 – 292)
Combined WLTP Consumption kWh/100km (kWh/100miles)22.0 – 25.1 (35.4 – 40.4)
Charging Time (AC 11kW 0-100%)8.5 hours
CO₂ emission 0 g/km
Standard ride height 174 mm
Maximum front/rear legroom1040/890 mm
Wheelbase 2990 mm
Maximum roof load (including cross bars) 75 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)2670 kg

2022 Jaguar I-PACE Price

The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE has a starting price of $69,900 USD.

ModelJaguar I-PACE Price
2022 Jaguar I-PACEStarting $69,900 USD
Above mentioned Jaguar Electric Cars price is subject to change. Please refer official site for exact pricing.


Does Jaguar have an electric car?

Jaguar I-PACE is the first and only electric car manufactured by Jaguar. The I-PACE is powered by a 90 kWh battery.

Is the Jaguar E Pace fully electric?

Jaguar E Pace is not among the fully Jaguar Electric Cars because it is a hybrid model powered by a petrol engine and an available electric mode.

How much is the Jaguar EV?

The starting price of the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is $69,900 USD.

How fast is the Jaguar I-pace?

The claimed top speed of the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is 200 km/h.

Is the Jaguar I-Pace available in the US?

For the 2022 model year, the Jaguar I-Pace is available exclusively in top HSE trim, with the previously-mentioned starting price of $69,900.


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